Dedric Davis

IT Recruitment Consultant

From Daytona Beach, FL the California on the East Coast. I moved to Oceanside CA. in December of 2016 on orders with my wife Mandy who is an Active Duty Marine. I spent almost 14yrs on Active Duty as well and have a strong military history in my family. I attended several colleges while on Active Duty but never was sure of what direction I wanted to go academically. I have an AS in General Studies from NOVA and currently in school for IT, focusing on Networking and Security. I have a background in sales, holding several Sales Management positions in the auto and bedding industry. I have a passion for health and fitness and created my own company UnleashSomeoneMoreCapable LLC back in 2014. I got my certification through ISSA. I did a lot of fitness related consulting in my spare time and worked for one large fitness center providing personal training and meal plan guidance. I have two Daughters, Alexis is 14yo and Faith is 18 months. I spend my free time doing stuff outdoors, home projects and just spending quality time with my family. We attend a local church in Vista, CA where we have been active since July. Other hobbies include: Baseball Card collecting, restoration of old furniture and Iā€™m an extreme thrill ride junky.